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All my life my passion has been creativity. I've always filled my time with drawing, writing, designing and creating. I went to college to obtain my degree in Psychology, with a minor in marketing and promotions. I've worked in the marketing industry for 13+ years as a Manager and Director. I specialize in Digital Marketing with proven successes in Email Marketing, Network Building, Loyalty Programs, Social Media Marketing, Web and Graphic Design. I still continue to fill my days consulting and providing a la carte marketing services to large and small businesses; no job is too big or too small when passion and creativity are the foundation.


While Marketing allows me to bring my creativity and knowledge to businesses, I had always wanted to start something of my own that allowed me to be creative on a more personal level. For awhile I really wasn't sure what that something was until I was put in charge of invitations for my brothers 30th birthday party. Buying generic invitations from a store was not an option. So I got on the computer and designed away, coming up with a quirky and uniquely creative invitation. The way my creativity had impacted my friends and family was exactly what I had been looking for. 

Fabulously Unique Designs Owner


Every year for the past 12 years, I have met so many wonderful people planning their wedding, announcing the birth of their new little one or planning a special event. It's such a pleasure building relationships with people and very often I see them through more than one major life event starting with marriage, followed by the birth of their first child creating their wedding invitations and their baby shower invitations. I have so much passion for what I do and the attention to detail goes into each single invitation.  I handle the entire process myself from the first consultation through delivery of the finished product. I do this so that I can ensure high quality, efficiency and full control/ease of every step. The finished project is so rewarding. There's nothing better than when my brides cry looking at their wedding invitation for the first time or when I see my clients faces light up with a smile on their face and hearing "I LOVE IT!!" Each person and their event is so unique and they have their own vision. I love every minute of helping to make the vision come to life.

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